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Cancer Experience Registry

Cancer Support Community Headquarters has a Registry for patients, survivors and their caregivers and significant others to tell their story.  This Cancer Experience Registry currently has over 12,000 people who have shared the ups and downs of their journey. CSC’s Research and Training Institute is using this information when they testify before governmental committees about new bills and laws that affect cancer patients. Linda House, our headquarters President, recently testified before congress about how proposed changes in healthcare law would impact cancer patients and their family members adversely.

Help Us Improve Care for People with Cancer and their Caregivers

Participants can join the Cancer Experience Registry by filling out a simple registration form, and then a more detailed questionnaire. This questionnaire is a tool to think about and identify the emotional and social issues that impact an individual’s cancer experience.


Watch CSC President, Linda House gives insight into patient access to care in cancer.


Your voice is important to help policymakers know what is important to people living with and beyond cancer and their loved ones. Together, we can help ensure that people touched by cancer have access to quality, comprehensive cancer care that includes social and emotional support.

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Policy & Advocacy