Support & Networking Groups


We are here to support you on your cancer journey.  At the heart of what we do – and the largest of the five pillars on which our cancer survivorship program is built – is psychosocial support. Our on-going professionally led weekly support groups are for people with cancer and their loved ones. These groups allow people challenged by cancer to know they are not alone. In group, members often find support and hope from other group members and find group to be a safe confidential way to discuss the fear, hurt, and pain associated with a cancer diagnosis. Group is also a place to celebrate milestones in cancer treatment and to develop coping skills while facing cancer. Our weekly support groups are available to people with any type and at any stage of cancer.

To join a weekly support group a brief intake interview is required to assess and jointly determine which support group will best fit your needs. This also serves as an introduction to support group and provides the background, purpose, and philosophy of our groups. This is also an excellent time to have all your questions answered and to determine if joining a support group is right for you. To schedule a time for an intake interview please call Lora Hays at 317-257-1505.

We offer support groups here at our main facility on west 71st street, at Franciscan St. Francis Health Cancer Center, Community Health (north, south, & east locations), Hendricks Regional Health, and Eskenazi Health.

It is our hope and desire that you will find strength, hope, and friendship from your support group to help encourage you in your fight for recovery. (Please see calendar for days and times of support groups at each location.)


Networking groups meet less frequently than our weekly groups. These groups offer community members and their support persons opportunities to meet with others who are facing treatment for similar cancers, such as leukemia, breast, etc. While these groups don’t meet as often as “the heart of our program weekly groups,” they do engender in those attending a feeling of Community. Additionally, specific issues emerge with different types of cancer and in different cultures.  Our networking groups are a place where people facing the same cancer type or who are among a specific cultural group to come together and share how they cope with the disease. To sign up to attend one of our networking groups please call 317-257-1505.

Breast Cancer Support Group

Monthly, 2nd Saturday • 9:30-11:30am, Main Campus

Monthly, 1st Monday • St. Francis (8111 S. Emerson), 6-8pm

Carcinoid Cancer Support Group

Monthly, 3rd Saturday • 10:00am – 12 noon, Main Campus

Hoosier Anamilo Club (Laryngetcomy)

Bi-monthly, see calendar for details.  Saturday 11:15am, Main Campus

Cancer Grads (Franciscan St. Francis), 2nd Tuesdays 6-8pm

Cancer Grads is a transitional support group for patients who have been finished with treatment for 18 months or more.  It is designed for people who are needing the support and guidance of others who are getting back to life and discovering their “new normal” after treatment.