Bloomington Virtual Program & Support Group Offerings

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*Due to the the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic Cancer Support Community Central Indiana (CSC) support groups, educational workshops, and wellness classes will be offered via a VIRTUAL online connection accessible from any smart phone, tablet, or computer until further notice.

For a list of Financial and Medication Resources, click HERE.

Support Programs

The following patient and caregiver support groups will be held via video conference.  For information for how to participate, please call 317-257-1505 or email

Breast Cancer Support Group | 2nd Saturday of Each Month | 9:30AM

Family & Friends Support Group | 2nd Thursday of Each Month | 6:30PM

Living with Cancer Support Group | 2nd & 4th Wednesday of Each Month | 5:30PM

Living with Loss Support Group| 2nd & 4th Wednesday of Each Month | 6:30PM

Men’s Support Group | Every Thursday | 6:30PM

Patient Support Group | 1st & 3rd Wednesday of Each Month | 9:00AM

Pediatric Cancer Moms Support Group | 4th Thursday of Each Month | 6:00PM

Prostate Cancer Support Group | 2nd & 4th Wednesday of Each Month | 6:30PM

Strength in Sisterhood | Every Tuesday | 6:00PM

Women’s Support Group | 2nd Thursday of Each Month | 6:30PM

Virtual Individual Counseling Services

For information for counseling, please call at 317-257-1505 or email

Wellness Programs

Cooking for Wellness

Attend via Facebook Live at:

Monday, February 15th • 5:30 pm (Virtual)

This month, we will look at specific foods that strengthen our hearts! Many people undergo treatment that has the potential to damage
their hearts. We all know heart disease and cancer run hand in hand as the leading cause of death in America. How can we strengthen our
cardiovascular system by eating a good diet? Come and find some easy ways to make changes that are truly heartfelt.

Monday, March 15th • 5:30 pm (Virtual)

It’s cold outside! Let’s try some warm nutritious easy favorites. Soups, stews, and hot favorites can warm us from the inside out and
help our bodies fight infection and keep us strong! Jodi loves the winter for cooking and has a few new favorites to share! Be sure to
join us!

Education Programs

Intimacy with Cancer

Saturday, February 13th • 11:00 am (Virtual)

Join CSC and Addie Jacobs, MS, OTD, OTR & Kennedy Lee, MA as they discuss sex and intimacy in this one-of-a-kind program. This final
session will focus on adaptive devices and equipment that can be utilized during sexual activity and other activities of daily living that are
important for maintaining an intimate relationship. During all sessions, a safe space will be created to provide a judgement free environment that provides a sense of comfort and acceptance. Participants will have the opportunity to anonymously ask questions regarding their sexual health and intimacy. To RSVP, email Rachel at

Cancer Fatigue Educational Series

Wednesdays beginning, February 3rd • 5:00pm (Virtual)

Do you wish you knew some ways you could participate in exercise or just be able to move your body? Do you experience fatigue or poor
sleep hygiene? Join CSC & Claire Allen from the School of Occupational Therapy at the University of Indianapolis for this 6-week
educational series. Not only will you have a chance to learn about physical exercise, energy conservation, and sleep management, but you
will also have a chance for discussion and learning techniques that work for your daily lifestyle. To RSVP, please email Claire at

Social Programs

Open Art Studio

Every Tuesday • 6:00 pm (Virtual)

Open Art Studio is open to all participants. Making art can enhance well-being and improved quality of life. Members of open art will be working together on a collaborative mosaic piece. Please join us to create art in a peaceful, enjoyable, and creative environment. Contact Shelbi at for more information on how to join.

Cancer Support Hotline

Give us a Call at 1-888-793-9355

The Cancer Support Helpline is staffed by community navigators, resource specialists and a Helpline navigator who have over 170 years of combined experience helping people affected by cancer. The Helpline provides guidance, resources and support to cancer patients or their loved ones with a variety of needs—from getting information about cancer, identifying a local support group or just finding someone who is willing to listen. We speak your language! We provide help with coping in over 200 languages.

Cancer Support Helpline services include:

  • Connecting callers to local or national resources, including support groups, transportation services and other programs
  • Short-term cancer coping assistance
  • Short-term housing resources
  • Treatment decision planning
  • Financial navigation and counseling regarding the costs of cancer and its treatments
  • Specialized information and navigation in pediatric oncology, finances, clinical trials, and genetics/genomics
  • Access to an online distress screening program, CancerSupportSource®
  • General information about the Cancer Support Community

Cancer Support Community Virtual Program Bank

Visit the Cancer Support Community Central Indiana YouTube page at for our bank of recorded programs for viewing.


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