Our Purpose

Our Purpose

The Cancer Support Community of Indiana exists so that no one faces cancer alone. For over 20 years, we’ve led the charge in Indiana to build a vibrant community of cancer survivors and their loved ones. We focus on providing psychosocial support to complement medical treatments in order to nurture every part of a patient as they learn and grow and recover. With any cancer diagnosis come feelings of hopelessness and social isolation. It’s CSC’s goal to make sure cancer patients don’t have to go it alone.

Our education programs aim to empower people impacted by cancer with the knowledge necessary to take an active role in their fight for recovery. Our wellness programs are designed to strengthen both body and mind over the course of the cancer journey. Our groups and events give our members the support they need to confront cancer. All of our programs are provided free of charge to all people – patients and loved ones alike – impacted by a cancer diagnosis.

At CSC, you’re more than your cancer. You’re a member of a diverse and welcoming community of people who understand what you’re going through. You’re you at your very best.

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“Cancer Support Community saved my life. There was the darkness and sorrow that defeated me and then there was the hope and support I found at CSC that inspired me – I rose up and I credit Cancer Support Community for doing that for me…with me.”

Janet C.

“The Cancer Support Community is to me – a friend. A safe place I can come and talk about my fears, my concerns, and my worries. It’s also a place I come to laugh, to learn and most of all – it’s a place I come to find hope. Hope that each day brings new opportunity and it does not have to be my last. It’s about facing this disease with optimism.”

Carol T.

“My wife has breast cancer and it turned our whole family’s world upside down. When we came to Cancer Support Community it was like our worlds were turned right side up. Hope was restored, we were able to safely talk about all the things we worried about and best of all – no one judged us – not one person. Our whole family finds support – not just Janet, I do, our daughter does – our whole family does.”

Jack C.

“The Cancer Support Community is an excellent model – a gold standard really for cancer survivorship programs.”

Dan McKellar, Chairman, American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer

“I stopped sitting at home saying, ‘Why me?’ or being depressed thinking I was the only one. I began to crawl to The [Wellness Community] Cancer Support Community like someone in search of an oasis in the desert. My car couldn’t get me there fast enough.”

Gilda Radner from her book, “It’s Always Something ”

“To try to describe it ruins it – it’s magic. What happens every week I walk into group is pure magic. I find spiritual strength when treatment has drained me of physical strength – like magic, I am refueled and re-energized through my support group and through the wellness activities and the education programs and the people.  The whole place – is magical.”

Mary G.

“There’s alot of fear and anger and uncertainty that burdens you when you’re diagnosed with cancer and at Cancer Support Community – you can  lay every emotional burden down and you don’t feel guilty about doing it.”