Kid’s Community

Kid's Community

Kid’s Community© is a free support program for children who are impacted by cancer. Kid’s Community aims to reach young people living with cancer in the family by offering professionally led programs using a variety of creative techniques – including art activities, music, poems, stories, comic book drawing, games and most recently – “Kids Kuisine” cooking courses. Available for youth ages 5 – 18 years of age, Kids Community includes “Teen Night” for teenagers 13 -18 years of age. The programs are designed to provide age-appropriate information about cancer and its treatment; address common cancer-related misconceptions; promote youth’s discussions about what they are feeling and experiencing; teach coping skills; and promote family communication about cancer. Kids Community is one of the many programs at Cancer Support Community Central Indiana tailored toward treating the whole family – the whole time. Preregistration Required – for more information call 317-257-1505.

TEEN NIGHT ~ Second Thursday • 6:30pm (Main Campus)
Young people aged 13 year to 18 years attend Teen Night to connect with other teens who are experiencing cancer in their family. The impact of the cancer diagnosis on their typical teenage rites of passage is explored. Discussions on coping methods and emotional safeguarding are had.

KIDS CONNECT ~ Second Thursday  • 6:30 pm (Main Campus)
For ages 5 – 12.  Youth in this group explore healing and process emotions associated through a cancer diagnosis through play therapy and creative arts.

KIDS KUISINE ~ Quarterly  (Main Campus)
Family time is severely restricted when there is a cancer diagnosis in the family.  Kids in the Kitchen was designed to bring back that much needed family time.  Kids in the Kitchen is for children ages 5 to 15 and their parents and siblings to spend some fun time reconnecting with each other.  Each session is led by a local chef who will teach the family how to prepare a dish – restoring lost family time while educating the family on healthy behaviors and smart choices. Kids in the Kitchen is open to families with a parent with cancer or with a child with a cancer diagnosis. 

FAMILY DAY ~ (Main Campus) – Check Calendar
CSC offers a family day at least once a year where families can come and spend the day with us. We offer activities such crafts, healthy snacking, games, and family photos.

PEDIATRIC CANCER MOMS OF INDIANA NETWORKING GROUP ~ Fourth Thursday  • 6:00 pm (Virtual Meeting)
If you have a child with cancer and are looking for a supportive community of mothers, we invite you to attend. This group will give you a chance to share your story, get tips from other mothers and share your own knowledge gained through experience.  To join the virtual meeting visit: