Support Groups


We are here to support you on your cancer journey.  At the heart of what we do – and the largest of the five pillars on which our cancer survivorship program is built – is emotional support. Our professionally led support groups are for people impacted by cancer and their loved ones. These groups allow people challenged by cancer to know they are not alone. In group, members often find support and hope from other group members and find group to be a safe confidential way to discuss the fear, hurt, and pain associated with a cancer diagnosis. Group is also a place to celebrate milestones in cancer treatment and to develop coping skills while facing cancer. Our support groups are available to people with any type and at any stage of cancer.

To join a support group an interview is required to determine which support group will best fit your needs. This serves as an introduction to support group and provides the background, purpose, and philosophy of our groups. This is also an excellent time to have all your questions answered and to determine if joining a support group is right for you. To schedule a time for an interview please call 317-257-1505.

Our goal is that you will find strength, hope, and support to help encourage you on your journey.

Below is a list of our current support group offerings.  Please see calendar for days and times of support groups at each location.

Women’s Group Support Group

Cancer Patient Support Group

Living with Loss Support Group

Breast Cancer Support Group

Prostate Cancer Support Group

Indiana Neuroendocrine Tumor & Carcinoid Cancer Support Group (INTCC)

Metastatic Support Group

Friends and Family Support Group

Strength in Sisterhood Support Group

Survivorship Support Group

Music Therapy Support Group

LGBTQIA+ Support Group

Please see calendar for days and times of support groups at each location.